2020 Entry Tickets
Hammerhead online ticket sales now closed.

You can still pay at the door for the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall or the Gamers Lounge on the day and miniatures can be purchased for £1.00 each

Entry: £5 per adult, £3 for minors (16 and under), Children under 9 free


Hammerhead 2019 miniatures

Past Hammerhead Figures


Other Hammerhead Figures are available subject to availability
All figures are supplied unpainted and unbased.

Hammerhead 2019 miniatures
The Duke of Wellington and Emperor Napoleon

and the WWI General Collection

Hammerhead 2018 WW1 Russian General
 Hammerhead 2016 Figure
 Hammerhead 2016 Figure
Eric - Hammerhead 2015 Figure
2014 Hammerhead figure - Leader of Stallions

Hammerhead 2018
WW1 Russian General

Hammerhead 2017
WW1 Austrian General

Hammerhead 2016
WW1 French General
Hammerhead 2015
WW1 German General
Hammerhead 2014
WW1 British General
'Leader of Stallions'
Figures designed by T Quickenden, painted and based by Karl Flinders.

IMPORTANT: For those who have bought an online ticket, please ensure you bring your e-ticket/s with you and present it/them to the staff at the welcome desk to exchange for your Hammerhead Entry wristband and your Free Hammerhead miniature, either; Julius Caesar, Vercingetorix, Emperor Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, 2018's Russian WW1 General, 2017's Austrian WW1 General, 2016's French WW1 General, 2015's 'Eric' the German General or 2014's miniature, 'Leader of Stallions' British WW1 General.

Hammerhead Online Ticket Agreement 2019-20

Prepayment Entry ticket to the Hammerhead Games Show 2020.

1. All tickets are non refundable, and must be presented on the event day, 14th March 2020.

2. FREE pewter Hammerhead figure will be available to collect on entry to the show

3. The ticket has no monetary value and cannot be redeemed.

By purchasing a Hammerhead Entry ticket online, it is understood that you agree to abide with the above conditions.

Updated: 09.03.20

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